Posted on: January 7, 2009 7:45 pm

Mangini the Whodini?

What will the future hold in store for the Browns?

Coming off a injury riddled season when some had them projected as a Super Bowl contender.  With a team that has talent and a good pick #5 in this years draft it will be interesting to see what direction the New Regime will take.  Jamal Lewis could be done after this year and maybe looking at a young and fresh RB would be nice.  Or do you go after that mean rugged LB from OSU or USC.


It will be interesting as a faithful Browns Fan.



Posted on: May 20, 2008 2:52 pm

Ohio State Buckeyes

With many columnist predicting the Buckeyes will cake walk through the Big Eleven errrrrrr i mean the Big Ten.

Why is there many who say they aren't deserving of a Repeat to the BCS Championship Game. 

Odds are this team is better than last years team, Afterall many think that this was the year that the Buckeyes thought they had a chance to make a run at the Title.  So why now are those nay sayers saying they dont deserve it?  Assuming they do what many close to the program do what they think they will and a year more mature and with the addition of Pyror they may have that extra threat that will make them that much more talented.

Chris "Beanie" Wells should be the smash mouth runner that they need in the Big Ten and what i feel if healthy will be a Heisman year.

Look for the Buckeyes and Wells in the 2008!

Posted on: March 20, 2008 9:49 am

Time To Say Goodbye To Brady Quinn

Although we grew up maybe 30 miles apart, thats about the only connection i feel towards Brady Quinn.

Estatic that the Browns came back into the 1st round last year to draft the falling Quinn.  Yet, i'm not the type of guy who says he must play 2009 because of the investment the Browns are putting into him.  Derek Anderson led the browns back fromt he dead and went to the Pro Bowl.  Why just dump him for a unproven guy.

I say Why make Brady Quinn wait till 2009 to play and allow him to play this year, just not for the Browns.  Trade him during the Draft for a 1st round pick and lock up Derek Anderson for another 3 years, a total of 6 years.  Seems to me that is the best move.

There is always a risk involved, like is Brady going to be the next Tom Brady?  All i know is that Derek is not bad and is proven. So why not trade him to the Dolphins or Falcons for a first round pick and get another defensive player like a lock down corner or another RB to groom when jamal retires.

I'm sure Phil Savage knows what he is doing, but if i was the GM i'd move brady in April.




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Posted on: March 20, 2008 8:56 am

Terrell Pryor

Let me welcome you to the World of Buckeye Nation.

I hear that you will be used as Florida used Tim Tebow.   I'm ready for Spring Football to come around.

Whether or not your legacy leads to a NATIONAL TITLE or not. I can say this.  I'm glad your a buckeye, and not from that damm team up north.

You now don the Scarlet and Gray my friend and it's a family that is very prideful and also will boo you if you make mutiple mistakes that cost us a game, so don't do that.

All in All, i think you made a great choice. When was the last time Michigan QB won the Heisman?  When was the Last time they played for a Championship? 

I rest my case.

Looking forward to watching you play in the Shoe.

Best of Luck.



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